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Rotair Rotary Lobe Motor

With only two moving parts, our frictionless, rotary, non-reciprocating design of Air Motor results in low air consumption, higher reliability, and an almost unlimited operating life.
The unique design is versatile and compact with power outputs from 1 to 70 hp. The simplicity of the Rotair design makes our drives very competitive and allows us to cater for custom builds.


This durable Air motor range is constructed with precision heavy-duty bearings throughout, and multiple blade rotors for smooth power.  Available in fractional to 1.5 hp, the compact design provides high torque due to the built in planetary gearing.

We offer a wide selection of speeds and torques to meet your requirement, as well as a wide choice of output options including face, foot or flange mount.    more

Geared Drive Air Motors To complement our Air Motors we supply a range of Gearbox, Valve and Brake options the span of applications we can cater for becomes almost unlimited.
All gearbox types are available, with geared drive ratios up to 2000:1 and capacity ratings up to 350,000 ft-lbs.
Air Motor Accessories We know that each application is unique so we cater for a wide range of additional accessories for our air motors to suit your requirements including FRL's and Silencers.
Off-shore winches driven by Air Motors
10m Reel powered by Air Motor
Hydraulic Pump Drive for Logging Masts powered by Air Motors








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